The TwinSonic Plus Ultrasonic Meter combines two measurements in one meter body: The Honeywell Elster Q.Sonicplus 6-path (two single and four double reflection paths) for the fiscal measurement and the CheckSonic 2-path (two single reflection paths) for the “check” measurement. Each measurement has its own independent series 6 signal processing unit (SPU) with color graphic touch screen display.

This meter provides additional measurement confidence by offering an internal pressure and temperature sensors for a more accurate calculation of Reynolds number and dynamic body correction. This ensures a repeatable and accurate flow measurement, even when process conditions vary or differ from calibrated conditions.

TwinSonic Plus Ultrasonic Meter Features

  • Two totally independent flow meters in one meter body providing fiscal measurement with verification
  • Flow profile detection with swirl and asymmetry measurement
  • Titanium-encapsulated, intrinsically safe transducers
  • Diagnostic detection of liquid and dirt build-up
  • Bi-directional measurement
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • No moving parts
  • No pressure drop
  • SonicExplorer PC Software for configuration, diagnostics and health care