The TCI electronic temperature compensating index is an advanced technology for natural gas rotary meters that is simple to use. This index is your ideal replacement for mechanical TC indexes. A broad range of configurable parameters gives this index flexibility to suit most rotary applications. The rugged design will provide long-term durability to withstand a wide variety of conditions.

TCI Features

  • 20-year nominal battery life and calibration
  • Live calculated flow rate displayed on numeric LCD with configuration icons to support field DP rate test and field meter service
  • LCD characters electronically inverted to facilitate left-side or right-side meter mounting
  • Redundant input from any rotary meter and adapter plates for all popular rotary meters
  • Back-up memory module containing last 90 days of time stamped data
  • Electronics sealed in silicon potting material for improved reliability and product life
  • UV-resistant polycarbonate enclosures
  • Ruggedized push-button for the LCD scroll
  • User-configurable fixed pressure factor
  • Two isolated volume pulse output channels
  • One isolated pulse output channel for alarm or volume