Services that go the extra mile

Looking for more help? We offer a range of additional services that lower your operating costs and extend the life of your existing operations and measurement products.

Pycnometer recertification

Foothills Industrial Products is proud to offer our pycnometer recertification service in partnership with Arcco Instrument Co. Our recertifications are performed according to API chapter 14.6 standards and entail complete documentation.

Fully serviced pycnometer

Your pycnometer will be fully serviced with a hydrostatic test, repair of valves, and replaced rupture disc. With maintenance and recertification, your pycnometer will be good as new.

Contact us to get your pycnometers serviced and re-certified.

Looking to extend the lifecycle of your instruments?

Our refurbishment service gets your meters and instruments restored back to working order. The refurbishment will include calibration and functional tests to ensure reinstated performance.

Custody transfer and calibration

Foothills Industrial Products is accredited by Measurement Canada to provide sealing of measurement instrumentation. We can manage custody transfer applications or verify the current calibration of your measurement device.

We will gladly seal Honeywell (Mercury Instruments) Electronic Volume Correctors.