Honeywell Elster combines the best of two worlds to deliver one excellent gas flow meter. The Q.Sonic Max Ultrasonic Meter delivers high measurement accuracy, cost effectiveness, and resistance to installation effects. A low level of uncertainty and high robustness means more individual operational demands are met.

The Q.Sonic Max Ultrasonic Meter utilizes a combination of reflection and direct paths which result in a detailed, accurate flow profile and superb noise immunity. Honeywell Elster leads the industry with a unique patented 8-path configuration in this meter. Internal pressure and temperature sensors along with advanced diagnostics and easy-to-use software ensure accurate calculation of the Reynolds number and dynamic correction of the meter body. Each component of the Q.Sonic Max works together to create a long-term reliable product.

Q.Sonic Max Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter Features

  • The Q.Sonicmax offers unmatched performance
  • 8-path, reflective and direct technology
  • Flow profile detection with swirl and asymmetry measurement
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Bi-directional measurement
  • OIML R137-1 2012 accuracy class 0.5
  • ISO 17089-1:2010
  • MID approved
  • AGA 9 compliant