The PF80 & PF120 spring loaded direct-acting natural gas pressure regulators are suited for commercial and industrial applications requiring low and medium delivery pressures. The modular design allows for easy adaptation of multiple optional overpressure protection devices to fit almost any application.

PF80 & PF120 Features

  • Balanced valve design
    • Stable outlet pressure independent of inlet pressure variation
    • High turndown ratio easily serves varying loads
    • Single orifice simplifies sizing without impacting inlet pressure limitation
  • Internal strainer protects the orifice and seat from foreign debris
  • Multiple body sizes to fit design requirements
  • Outlet pressure ranges from 6” w.c. to 10 PSIG
  • Environmentally-friendly overpressure protection options that minimize or eliminate large volumes of gas from being emitted to the atmosphere
  • Can be outfitted with integral safety accessories including an internal monitoring device, integral monitor, or slam shut valve