Metal Goods Manufacturing Company’s Needle Valve line has long enjoyed the reputation of the best in the market.

MGM's 19 Series needle valves are designed for use in laboratory or other applications where fluid transfer is required. They are ruggedly built for severe environments of up 350º F and 1,800 psig. Valves in this series feature American Standard 1/8” or 1/4” male and female pipe threads to mate with new or existing fittings or equipment. Other features of the 19 Series needle valves are replaceable Teflon stem tips and o-ring packing and a choice of straight or angled body configurations. Series 19 needle valves are manufactured from stainless steel.

MGM model 330 and 331 Needle Valves are suitable for most Tank Car Applications. They are constructed entirely out of stainless steel for durability and compatibility with most commodities. They feature a replaceable Teflon stem tip and O-ring packing. Replacement is easily accomplished by unthreading the bonnet from the body with any type of wrench. The standard O-ring packing material is Viton, but is available in other materials suitable for the intended commodity.