This direct-mount electronic volume corrector is available for most popular rotary gas meters. The internal temperature probe and independent Redundant Electronic Index (REI) improve the precision and reliability. The Mini-Max Rotary Corrector easily adapts to Dresser LMMA & B3, Romet and Elster American Meter* B & C-body rotary meters.

The Mini-Max Rotary Corrector Features

  • Small, sturdy case and integral design (instrument drive not required)
  • High-performance, low-power microprocessor
  • Extended battery life and high audit trail memory capacity (40 days of daily or hourly)
  • Integrated volume, gas pressure and gas temperature sensors
  • Redundant Electronic Index (REI) for uncorrected volume backup
  • Available for Dresser, Romet and Elster American Meter* rotary meters
  • All electronic, no moving parts
  • Low power requirements
  • Pulse output channels included
  • Integral push button to activate the scroll list
  • Composite case, doesn’t rust or require painting