Remain current with our natural gas products by talking to us

Staying up to date on emerging products and technologies is often a daunting task. At Foothills, we want to make this learning process as seamless as possible. To ensure your confidence and ability to operate our products to their fullest extent, we make a commitment of training and supporting you.

Expert advice when you need it

Foothills Industrial Products is an established leader with over 60 years of experience servicing our customer base in Western Canada. Our dependable team is always eager to provide expert advice to meet your needs. You can count on us and the natural gas products we represent. If you run into any problems, we will be there to help - free of charge.

Sleep without a worry

Our commitment is to provide quality products and support to help you reach your business objectives. This means peace of mind. You can leave work knowing your job has been completed with accuracy - a result of our trusted products and reliable team. Because at the end of the day, we are all working towards the same goal - ensuring Canadians have year-round access to safe and reliable natural gas.