Honeywell Elster EnCal 3000 is a gas chromatograph analyzer specially designed for natural gas energy measurements. This state-of-the-art analyzer uses chromatography components based on the latest Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and capillary column technique that provides accurate and highly consistent analysis results. The device features a compact, explosion-proof design and includes analytical hardware, stream selection and required electronics for standalone operation.

EnCal 3000 Features

  • C6+ within 3 minutes*
  • C9+ within 5 minutes*
  • Repeatability on BTU < 0.005 %
  • Double block and bleed
  • Stream select for 5 streams
  • TCP/IP communication
  • Data storage in accordance with API 21.1 standard
  • IP 66 outdoor housing
  • Calculations in accordance with ISO 6976, GPA 2172 or GOST 22667

* Detailed analysis up to n-C8 (C6+) respectively n-C9 (C9+) including all isomers and other hydrocarbons, no backflush