The Welker ECOsystem™ Automatic Bypass System supersaturates carrier gas in an odorant tank to properly odorize natural gas pipelines. Our design uses differential pressure to odorize your gas line while minimizing moving parts and maintenance on the system.

Since odorant is vaporized before infusing with the gas, it bonds more effectively than when injecting odorant in liquid form. Once the system is installed, you can remotely monitor the odorant level, actions performed, and warning alarms by interfacing with the included Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

ECOsystem Features

  • Properly odorizes gas pipelines with supersaturated carrier gas (vaporized odorant)
  • Reduces maintenance with fewer moving parts
  • Automatically adjusts injected odorant to match flow rate
  • Remote monitoring and communication with Ethernet, Modbus, or cell/phone modem
  • Audit data is constantly backed up to an SD memory card