Blackburn Coliwasa Liquid Spot Samplers take representative samples of hazardous wastes, liquids, slurry-type sludge's and semi-solids from top to bottom of buckets, barrels, tanks or tankers. Also great for Q. A. and process sampling. Samplers comply with EPA regulations and methods.

Each patented, contamination-free Coliwasa (9/16" or 1" dia.) has a 2" stick-out on bottom for ready-fill sampling of viscous liquids and semi-liquids. Made of translucent, unmodified polypropylene for superior chemical resistance. Resists acids, alkalis, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, ketones, aldehydes, esters, oxidizers and glycols.

The sampler itself can serve as a sample container for non hazardous samples to eliminate the mess and inconvenience of sample transfer.

Coliwasa Liquid Spot Sampler Features

  • Break-resistant sampler clamps shut to avoid spillage
  • Neoprene stoppers have TFE film coating for improved stick resistance
  • Teflon® Coupler Set allows you to combine any two of the five 1" I. D. coliwasa type together to increase sampler length
  • Purge-Squeegee Kits have a unique inside-outside squeegee attachment that cleans tube while making extraction
  • Available in Anti-Stat