The CheckSonic Ultrasonic Gas Meter is a multipath ultrasonic gas flow meter utilizing the most robust acoustic path configurations available on the market. The CheckSonic employs durable transducer design with extended diagnostic functionality and capability to measure regardless of extensive liquid and dirt contamination found in typical shale gas gathering points, coal seam applications, flare and wellhead measurements. This robustness brings operational confidence to the end user of a reliable and superior measurement.

CheckSonic Ultrasonic Gas Meter Features

  • 6-path, direct and reflective technology (3 path optional)
  • All titanium-encapsulated intrinsically safe transducers
  • Robust path design for wet and dirty gas applications
  • Turbulence and asymmetry detection
  • Diagnostic detection of liquid and dirt build up
  • SonicExplorer PC Software for configuration, diagnostics and health care
  • No moving parts
  • No pressure drop
  • Pressure ratings: ANSI class 150 to 900, PN on request
  • AGA 9 compliant