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Sometimes Things Just Work!

Posted by Melanie Takacs on Aug 17, 2016 11:34:53 AM

 Good News for Joe!

It's Tuesday afternoon and Joe has just finished his visit to one of the city gate stations.  Joe has a smile on his face (indeed Joe does smile sometimes!).  Three years ago when these new Pietro Fiorentini regulators were installed Joe was a nay-sayer.  Something new – ‘better’ they told him, but every other time he heard that story, it never seemed to work.  This time, it has worked, and they continue to work. 

Joe has been accountable for reactive maintenance on his regulators when they fail or changing the ‘boot’ once per year.  Joe is smiling because his expectations have finally been exceeded, and for the third year in a row, the PF regulators have held their set point beautifully, according the ERX pressure recorder.  In addition, they have locked up perfectly each and every time he performed the test.

Thinking back, Joe realizes that this particular station has seen regular ups and downs, with high winter flow and very low summer flow. Also, there have been a few industrial customers that drew high flows when business was good, but now have slowed down and their gas usage is low.  There had been some line heater problems, and some liquids that showed up last spring after a high flow cold spell, but regardless the regulators continued to work perfectly.

Joe is now even more excited about the new city gate station that he will be a part of commissioning next week!  He has been told that another style of Pietro Fiorentini regulator system has been installed, that has also received an excellent review from another region of his company.

Click here to learn more about why Joe is smiling! 

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