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CR Wall Acquires Foothills Industrial Products

Posted by Foothills Industrial Products on Mar 12, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Cambridge, ON – C.R. Wall & Company Incorporated (CR Wall) today announced the acquisition of Foothills Industrial Products (Foothills), further strengthening CR Wall’s ability to deliver world-class products and services to natural gas distribution and transmission customers across Canada.

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Clean, Dry Gas – Yikes, Not Always!!!

Posted by Foothills Industrial Products on Sep 10, 2019 3:54:24 PM

It’s a saying we’ve all heard – our gas is clean and dry.  For many years that may have been the case but all of a sudden the regulators have frozen off, or the sample probes are clogged, and the Gas Chromatograph is in alarm and not providing results due to no gas flow. You are puzzled. How could this be happening if the gas is clean and dry?  

This may be a story you know all too well.

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Emissions, Carbon Tax and Unaccounted for Gas – Don’t Get Caught Without Knowing!

Posted by Foothills Industrial Products on Jul 11, 2019 11:55:00 AM

Natural Gas measurement is important, but now your measurement means more than ever!  With methane emissions rated 25X more impactful to the environment than CO2, emissions are top of mind.  Measuring and reporting emissions is the challenge!

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Topics: natural gas measurement, natural gas, Emissions, Carbon Tax, Measurement Canada, Compliance

Don’t let your pressure control get 'Droop-y'

Posted by Foothills Industrial Products on Jun 5, 2019 4:36:21 PM

Are you having problems with your fuel gas delivery system, burner train or the gas supply to your boiler?

What is 'Droop' and how is it caused?

An issue often referred to as ‘droop’ occurs when demand overwhelms the pressure control regulator. To be specific, when the immediate or continuous demand is near the regulator’s capacity, the regulator can become overwhelmed, causing outlet pressure to droop.

All fuel gas delivery systems, burner trains and boilers rely on having the correct pressure and flow delivered to meet the demand. Inefficiencies and problems occur at startup and with operation if this is not the case. The design and sizing of your regulator is critical to having the correct pressure and flow to meet demand. Find out more about the factors that can help minimize droop and ensure the success of your natural gas delivery system…

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