The Aperval is pilot-controlled pressure regulator for medium and high pressure applications. The Aperval is normally a fail to open regulator and specifically will open under the following conditions:

  • breakage of main diaphragm
  • lack of sensing line connection

This regulator is suitable for use with previously filtered. non-corrosive gases.

The modular design of pressure regulator Aperval allows retrofiting of an emergency monitor PM/182 or slam shut valve and/or silencer on the same body. The Aperval regulator is truly a “top entry design” which allows easy maintenance and/or retrofiting options in the field. The unique dynamic balancing system ensures an outstanding turn down ratio combined with an extremely accurate outlet pressure control.

Aperval Features

  • Compact design
  • Top Entry
  • Easy maintenance
  • Outstanding turn down ratio
  • High accuracy
  • Low operation cost
  • Low Noise