We supply products, systems and software that make natural gas delivery operations run safely and efficiently.

Our goal is to help our customers leave work where it belongs. Enjoy a peaceful time at home - knowing you’ve been able to create a safe and reliable energy delivery system for Canadians.

What sets us apart


How we make our customers successful



Our humble beginning more than 60 years ago

Foothills Industrial Products was founded by Charlie McNutt in 1956 to meet the needs of the emerging energy industry in Alberta. Charlie established the distribution platform on which we still operate today, and laid the ground work with a number of US based manufacturers that still exist. The original activities of Foothills Industrial Products occurred on the 19th hole of the Calgary Golf and Country Club, and when business picked up, Charlie was forced to establish a permanent office. These first offices were located in the Lougheed Building of downtown Calgary, and later moved to the central southeast industrial area in 1975.

Charlie sold the business in 1972 to Don Telfer who carried on the tradition, and built new relationships with world class manufacturers. Some of these include Mercury Instruments, which has since been aquired by Honeywell, and remains today as one of our primary suppliers.

In 1988 Frank Sparks took over the company and added his flavor to the distribution mix. During this time Foothills Industrial Products became a household name in the gas utility and transmission world, and its represented products became the standard for many companies.

In 2007 Richard Waller assumed control of the organization and continues to operate on the same successful platform that has been created and managed so well by each of the previous owners. Now in its 7th decade of operations, the success of Foothills Industrial Products has been its people, its relationships, unwavering quality of product, and a clarity from the start that the Customer is King.

The Customer is King - and we mean it

We are focused on what matters to you – dependability and continuous improvement of natural gas delivery products. Foothills Industrial Products is known for the reliability of the products we represent and the free training and support we offer our customers.