Going Green

Going Green

In our increasingly conscious world of the foot print in which we operate, and the materials we use to build the infrastructure that serves our customers, it is important to identify the choices we have in protecting the environment, our employees, and our assets. Among all of the technical specifications we provide, the following is a number of products that have been crafted with the environment, safety, and operating efficiency in mind.

Pietro Fiorentini – Regulators with Integral Worker/Monitor, Slam Shuts or Silencer Design

In many European countries, venting gas to the atmosphere has been banned. In North America, one of the most common safety devices in a pressure control system is a relief valve. A number of years ago Pietro Fiorentini engineered a regulator body that accommodates both the active working regulator and the safety monitor regulator in the same body, ensuring that any failure of the worker does not impact the operation of the monitor. Pietro Fiorentini’s design is not only certified to meet this criteria, it has set the standard. This design reduces the total foot print of your pressure control system by utilizing one body for two regulators.

By engineering the regulator body to accommodate a monitor it was also identified that it could accommodate a slam shut valve. In the same modular concept, a silencer can be added to a regulator with either an integral monitor or a slam shut valve. The advantage of this design is that changes can be made in-situ, even years after the original regulator was installed. Current legislation requires the monitoring of emissions, which will progress into eliminating emissions in most applications. Pietro Fiorentini’s regulator design allows you to meet changing legislation with small additions to items in your system while not requiring you to replace your assets, and ensuring that there is absolutely no sacrifice of safety in your pressure control system.

Mercury Instruments – Temperature Compensating Index (TCI) with a 20 Year Battery Life

Products that work continuously for 20 years are not that common anymore, and those that exist are usually mechanical devices. Mercury Instruments has introduced the TCI, an electronic module for temperature compensated measurement of gas flow through a rotary meter that will work continuously in all North American environments for 20 years. This is truly the first ‘set it and forget it’ corrector in the gas industry.

Mercury’s combination of superior engineering, increased battery life and power efficiency has created a solution that delivers the same high quality, reliable measurement results while reducing the environmental impact of its products. After 20 years that battery can be changed, but in the meantime, you have saved yourself at least 3 trips to an installation to change batteries in other devices, saving you time, money and the environment.

Val-Tex – Valve Maintenance Products that are all Bio-Degradable

Val-Tex Lube Sealants and Valve Flush are all bio-degradable, a claim that can only be made following the testing and certification by respected environmental authorities. The natural ingredients used in Val-Tex product have been in service for over 45 years and have delivered exceptional operating results while effectively breaking down in the environment with no harm to your system, nor to the environment. The same ingredients keep your valves turning even in the coldest environments, rated down to -45 C, and in fact you can deliver product into your valves at that temperature in emergency situations. While in service, Val-Tex product never hardens….because it does not contain some of the other industry ingredients like talc and clay.

Val-Tex is your valve maintenance solution, in every application, and in every environment. With its biodegradable properties, superior performance and reliability, Val-Tex is the smart choice for your valve maintenance program.